About Us

Our objective is simple: to increase the cash flow to make our Clients business more sustainable.

Fiach Financial provide Credit Management Services to a wide variety of clients across many business sectors.

  • How does your Credit Management performance rate.   Take our 15min survey and we will provide you with a comprehensive 38 page report, benchmarked against similar markets, that details your current performance in a wide variety of credit areas and suggestions on how to improve. Areas such as Slow paying debtors, Days Sales Outstanding, Staffing ratios etc. are covered with indicators on whether improvement is necessary. Just drop us a mail to survey@fiach.ie and we will send you the link.
  • Smart Invoicing minimises the workload around invoicing and steamlines the collection process to improve debtor days
  • Managed Contact Service Centre: Whether it’s a compete outsource of the Credit call activity or more limited to older debt that is not going to debt collection we can provide a variable cost, full time resource to maximise the recovery from your debtor book. Our service does not impact on your customer relationship but does provide a full time presence at a variable cost. This is of particular of benefit to Clients who have variable business periods.
  • Advanced Debt Collections: At some stage non-paying customers become bad debts and need a specialist approach. Our ADC division provides consistent and persistent contact with the debtor to recover your O/S debts. This is done in a professional and structured manner to yield the best result for our Clients.
  • Legal: Certain debts require additional measures of recovery. Traditionally the legal area was only considered for large debts due to high costs and long time lines. At Fiach Financial we have addressed these issues and provide a shared risk model that allows the legal system be used in a cost effective manner.
  • Field Agents: Through our nationwide network of field agents we provide “on the ground” activities such as Doorstep Collections, Desktop tracing, Field Tracing, Site visits and Summons Serving all controlled centrally and with full visibility for our clients