RYERIVER Solicitors

Ryeriver Solicitors was established solely for the processing of debt recovery cases.

Some cases will require additional recovery work in the legal process. Traditionally this was reserved for large value debts, took significant time and incurred high costs.

Ryeriver’s objective is to get your monies recovered outside the Court process. Utilising pre-legal process’s we provide our clients with access to the legal process in a cost effective manner. The Pre-legal process is defined by short-time fame and a low cost to provide a further escalation method in the recovery process while avoiding the timelines and costs of the legal system.

In the event of non-recovery in the pre-legal process, Ryeriver can process the debts through the Court process from Demand Letter, Issuing Civil Summons and obtaining Judgment.

Our low fee, performance based proposal shares the risk of going to Court between our clients and ourselves. Our income is derived from successful recovery and not filing papers.

Going to Court should be considered as a last resort after all other avenues have been pursued