Smart Invoicing

  • Automate invoicing distribution channels,
  • Present invoices for uploading into customers portals,
  • identify if customers have not opened invoices and send reminders to do so,
  • Collate all supporting documentation and permanently link to invoice
  • Validate contact details before invoice is sent
  • Automatically seek PO No’s from customers prior to sending invoice or with-hold sending invoices until PO is received.

invoiceSmart Invoicing technology can be a stand- alone service to supplement your in-house Credit control activity or when coupled with our call activity services it provides and highly focussed, performance based, variable cost platform that links your costs to your turnover and increases your cash-flow.

Smart Invoicing technology is used by many multinational companies to streamline invoicing activity and minimise the delays in getting paid.

Advanced Debt Collections

final noticeDelinquent Debts are debts where the customer relationship has gone and the only objective is to recover outstanding monies. Trying to recover monies in this scenario, in-house, result in a higher work load on the credit control staff and deflection from current debt processing. In addition recovery of delinquent debt requires a specific skill set that is different to normal credit control.

In ADC our staff are trained and experienced in this area and using market leading software provide an effective process to recover these monies in a timely manner.

Through a combination of letters and phone contact our experienced Collection Agents can provide the skill set necessary to recover monies in a timely manner.

Where payment plans are entered into we will monitor these payments and re-contact the debtor if a plan breaks. All monies received are remitted monthly with a detailed reconciled report on the payment.

Field Agents

Our network of Field Agents provides a variety of functions where site presence is required.

Door Collections: Providing a local presence to give the debtor a final opportunity to pay the debt. All our Agents are vetted and are continually monitored. Our Field Manual outlines how this work should be done in a professional manner with both our Clients and our own reputation being paramount in the approach.

Tracing: We provide 2 tracing methods,

1) Desktop searching which includes validation of debtors address and contact a details and a sworn affidavit, if required, as to the method of validation

2) Field tracing providing people on the ground to determine the location of debtors

Summons Serving: Our Field Agents are very experienced in this sensitive area. In addition our systems provide a completely transparent process so that each stage of the process is completely visible and the location of the documents at each stage of the process is easily attainable.

Managed Contact Service Centre

call usOur Managed Credit Control Call activity is focussed on the recovery of the outstanding monies in a targeted and performance focussed way.

We can supplement your existing staff by focussing on older debt that does not require debt collection thus freeing up your existing staff to focus on current debts or other areas within credit control.

We can also provide a complete outsourced credit control function that maintains your relationship with your customers but provides additional resources as required. This function is performance based and provided at a variable cost to match changes in your turnover.

These services are normally presented to your customers as in-house so there is no impact on your customer relationships. Using our case management system you have complete access to all contacts with your customers.

When supplemented with our Smart Invoicing technology the impact will reduce debtor days further and increase cash-flow.

With Managed Contact Service Centre and Smart Invoicing in place a complete end-to-end process will streamline your early Credit Management process yielding a reduction in debtor days.