Process Platform Software

homepicDeveloped by Expert Revenue Systems the XRS software is used by many large organisations throughout the world including Irish Revenue.  Through our unique relationship with XRS we have developed the use of the software into areas previously not considered suitable.  The resultant range of the services we can provide founded upon the XRS platform positions Fiach to provide a wide range of outsourced credit management solutions.  These solutions enable our clients to maximise their return from their debtor books.

With online access complete transparency is guaranteed so that our clients see what our credit controller, collection agents and legal executives see.

Reporting Platform

Our reporting Platform, FRS, was designed to reflect the need of our clients to be kept fully informed regarding their cases.

With the ability to analyses payment profiles, stage progression of cases, arrangement profiles and many more the software is a simple to use but highly effective module in the drive to ensure our clients are kept fully informed on a case by case basis.  Global reporting also allows an overview to be taken on all or part of the debt books placed with us.

Our arrangement module provides for a projection forward of the weekly recoveries expected to allow for these recoveries to be incorporated into cash-flow projections.

The new performance module enables our clients to track our performance and identify the Roadblocks to Recovery. So not only are we informing our clients of how we are performing we are also identifying the issues that may be affecting that performance, thereby allowing us to work together to improve recoveries.